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TMS-EEG combined application
TMS-EEG(or ERP)synchronous combined application
Online TMS-EEG is a method when EEG potentials are examined while the cortex is being stimulated. This allows for the observation of both short and long-term stimulation effects with high temporal resolution.
The EEG/ERP record during TMS process is one important technology to evaluate the activity of local cortical neurons after brain injury, and study the sleep state and brain cognitive function.
However, there are many challenges for the TMS-EEG study, for example EEG amplifier saturation; electrode heating, high frequency noise in the electrode under the coil; movement& motion artifact in EEG recording; capacitor recharge induced artifact in the EEG. To conquer these problems, Shenzhen Yingchi Technology Co.,Ltd. has introduced the BrainAmp EEG amplifier from Brain Products GmbH.


1. The thickness of the dedicated TMS electrode cap just is 4mm;
2. Special designed amplifier would not saturate by large TMS voltage.
3. The rapid recovery of TMS after pulses
4. Signal transmission: biaxial fiber