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About tDCS
The transcranial Direct Current Stimulator is a non-invasive nerve regulation device with the characteristics of portable, non-damage, low-cost, safe and long-acting which is developed and produced independently by Shenzhen Ying-chi Technology CO.,Ltd. It consists of an electrical stimulator, an anode electrode and a cathode electrode. The electrodes are fixed to the scalp and the stimulator can output the weak direct current of 1-2 mA, which causes current to flow from the anode electrode to the cathode electrode. Part of current passes through the skull to affect on the cerebral cortex which can change the resting potential of neuron, regulate the excitability and neurotransmitter secretion of neuron. Thus affect the corresponding sensory perception, motor and cognitive behavior.

tDCS help patients with abnormal brain function such as depression, anxiety and stroke. Later studies for healthy adults have shown that tDCS can improve cognitive abilities such as language skills, math ability, attention, memory, ability to coordinate and solve problems , so in recent years, it has been widely used in clinical treatment and brain science research.
Clinical Application
Rehabilitation Department Post-stroke dyskinesia, cognitive disorder, language disorder, dysphagia, dysopia, disturbance of consciousness and spinal injury

Neurology Department Alzheimer, Parkinson, epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, migraine, chronic pain ;

Psychiatry Department Depression, insomnia, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, Psychomania, addiction; 

Research The combination of tDCS/TMS: regulate nerve function from multiple directions;
Comparison research: compare with TMS from basic principle, safety and clinical application aspects;
tDCS can be used for brain function research combined with EEG,EMG,fMRI and fNIRS.
Specification Stimulation current:0~4000uA(adjustable),increment: 20uA;
Stimulation time:1~30min(adjustable),increment: 1min;
Fade-in/fade-out time:0~120s;
The precision of output current, output time: ±5%

Product Characteristics 1. Four stimulation models: direct current, sine wave, triangular wave, multiple impulse wave;
2. The function of determining current, electrode impedance and electrode connection state in real time can ensure the therapeutic effect;
3. The device has the triggering function and is compatible with TMS、EEG、EMG、fMRI, etc;
4. Hand-held portable stimulator, easy to carry,easy to use
5. Device power:≤1W