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Intelligent Liquid-cooling Circulation System
Intelligent Liquid-cooling Circulation SystemThe intelligent liquid-cooling circulation system consisted of intelligent control module, liquid cooled coil, liquid coolant, cooling-cycle unit and power plant. The coolant is the industrial transformer oil with the characteristics of faster temperature transmitting, non conducting, good mobility and effective cooling; the system consists of one small oil pump and one tank, when the oil pump starts running, the transform oil begins to circulate between the coil and the tank; the device has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, weak radiation, low cost and low noise at work.
The coil adopts the optimized design and the solid copper materials. For different diseases, there are different coils such as 8 coil, circular coil and cone coil. The oil cooling technique resolves the problem of heat radiation effectively to ensure that the coil can work continuously.       

Technology advantages:High-effect cooling system:patent technology, the non-heating coil can work for 24 hours continuously
Safety:External circulation closed technology, without liquid leakage, electric shock , burn or other potential risk.
Long life span:it won’t electrolyze, corrode or block up the tube.
Convenient maintenance:Homemade special coolant need not to be replaced or added frequently.
Replace convenientlythe coil can be replaced by yourself
Intelligent monitoring: Automatic measurement of temperature, available circulatory volume and circulatory state which can ensure the device to run normally
Air-cooled System
Air-cooled System
Air-cooled system generally uses the fan to cool the coil, however, the concentrated magnetic induction lines are cut by the fan and magnetic field distribution of coil will be changed so that the stimulation depth and precision are affected. The coil adopts the optimized design and the solid copper materials. For different diseases, there are different coils such as butterfly coil, circular coil and cone coil.

1. Perfect heat dissipation for the superior air duct design;
2. Intelligent control system of fan speed can balance the noise and heat dissipation;
3. Simple structure and appropriate weight, easy to operate;

The cooling effect of our device adopted the air-cooled system grants our customer the stable performance, low noise, low radiation and maximum comfort of hand holding.

Natural Cooling System
Natural Cooling System
Natural cooling is based on the airflow circulation caused by temperature-dependent density changes to take away the coil heat. The cooling effect is closely related to the ambient temperature, thus the cooling effect is poor. Natural cooling coil is mainly used for scientific research, clinical diagnosis and determination, but  it is not suitable for continuous high frequency treatment.